Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lunch Box Twenty

So, pretty much everyone is back to school or will be as of this week. I don't know about you all, but around our house, the preparations start pretty early. Lunch boxes seemed to have been at the top of the priority list.

I was blown away at how far the traditional lunch box has come. I was also surprised to see the return of those classic retro versions that I remember carrying to school, thirty-something years ago. What really blew my mind, was the availability of all these great lunch box options on lunchboxes.com

To celebrate the first day of school and to pay homage to lunch box as an ever lasting symbol of our children's education, I thought it would be fun to list our top twenty pix:

The company Built, NYC is right at the top with there neoprene lunch bags that come in a bunch of shapes, sizes and super cute prints.

This one is great... The laptop lunch box with great little separated storage inside.
The salad box keeps the girls salads nice and cool and has a separate container for dressing.

The Tippin Box is India's version of the lunch box, and is a classic that's now turning up in all the offices in post-meltdown Wall St. Those extended two martini lunches at the Rainbow Room, are few and far between these days
Pirates need to eat lunch to...
This is called the Ration Box and is a knock-off of the lunch boxes used in the military. I love this one for me, because having a true ration for lunch is probably not a bad idea.

Hello Kitty and Tinkerbell, come on.. Those are classics.

The vintage candy collection, we can all relate to.

And of course the lunch box for the little rock and roller in the family.

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