Friday, June 19, 2009


Summertime...  And the livin's easy.  Especially with these super cute lanterns from Organica hanging over your patio.

I found them on this fabulous new site called RedBubble.  Has anyone ever heard of this?  I just came across it and can't wait to dive in deeper.  It's kinda like Etsy, except for Art, Design and Photography, instead of Handmade, Craft and Vintage.

Love it...

Drink of the Week...

Here it is...  As promised, we've got another Summer Drink of the Week.  I got this one from YumSugar and had to do little taste test before I could post it.  

Uh.... it past the test.  The Pina Colada Mojito is to die for and a perfect way to kick start your summer weekend.

There's a three drink minimum at this beach club, BTW...


This just kills me...  They call it "One Happy Meal".  A super cute surprise for the Dad's, although Michael would be a little let down that it wasn't the real thing.

Bakerella is one of my Food Faves and they give all the recipes an directions for this sweet little burger and fries treat.


I really love Anthropology... 

Everything they do just makes you want to have it.  Even on my tight budget, I was able to swing this adorable Stormy Sea Necklace for under $50....


Little surfer, Little Girl...

How gosh dang cute are these little Wahini's?  These are the modern day Gidget's of our time, that are actually the some of the top professional women surfer's in the world.

This was a photo taken for the July issue of Vanity Fair, as a promotion for the Hurley U.S. Open of Surfing that's coming to HB July 18-26...


This is a great story and book I found on 101 Cookbooks today.  Lola is this amazing British woman who took an old Mr. Frosty Truck that she bought on ebay and has turned it into an institution on wheels called Lola's on Ice.  Her new cookbook comes out this month and is filled with spectacular homemade recipes for ice cream sundae's, sorbets, granitas and the like...  

You can pre-order Lola's Ice Creams & Sundae's on amazon now.

I guess the timing is just about right, as we head into the prime Ice Cream Season...  Yuuum!

Monday, June 8, 2009


My friend Deena just sent me this artwork by Katie Lee lewis.  She's a local artist here in the OC that does renditions of pets and kids from actual photos.  The prints run about $130 for a 12" x 12" or $160 framed in a clean white 18" x 18" box frame...

Deena's hanging this one of her Tiki (above) in the hallway.  I am freaking out and want one.  The problem is, we have no pets.  Oh, wait...  We do have a new gold fish, Rocky..  Hmm.  That one may be a stretch.


This adorable stationary and tags are from a great Etsy Shop called MayThird....

I love all of her stuff and it's super reasonable.  Not really sure where my fascination with stationary came from, but now with Etsy, you can get such unique and different product at a click of the keboard...


As Summer rolls around, I always start thinking Lake Tahoe...  This will be the 40th straight summer that I've been going up there and I can't wait.

Lake Tahoe is the second largest alpine lake in the world and the crisp, cool water is about the most exhilarating swim there is.

My Grandfather bought a series of lakefront cottages the same year I was born and it has been a summer tradition for us ever since.  That tradition continued with my own girls and now West.

One of our favorite things to do these days is to take the boat over to Sand Harbor (pictured above), anchor and lounge all day long.  We always bring a picnic lunch and play the "Swim for Treasure Game".  In this crystal clear water, you don't need a dive mask or goggles.  The average visibility is like 50 feet.

The nice thing about Pine Cove in Tahoe is that it never really seems to change.  For me, it will always be Dreemie...


This is one you don't really want to see, but should.  Food, Inc. is a documentary coming out on June 12th.  It's done by the same guy who did Fast Food Nation.  The movie lifts the veil on the corporate controlled food industry and it's dark underbelly.

From what I understand, it will change the way we buy and eat food forever.


This is really just to dang cute not to post.  I'm already planning this for West's 3rd B-Day and it's still a year away.  The Neverland Party idea was created by Mer on her Mer Mag Blog.  It lists all the planning and layout for this unforgettable occasion...


Summer Drink of The Week....

I'm going to start posting a Summer Drink of the Week, starting today.  This one will be calling my name all week long, in fact, I don't think I'll make it to Friday before trying the Strawberry Basil Mojito


3 Fresh Strawberries
3-5 Fresh Basil Leaves
2 oz. Simple Syrup
2-3 oz. White Rum
Crushed Ice
Club Soda

Slice strawberries and place at the bottom of a tall glass, along with basil leaves.  Pour in simple syrup and muddle the mixture.  Stir in rum and top with crushed ice.  finish it with a splash of club soda and garnish with more strawberry slices.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Target does it again...  I swear I need to go there at least once a week or else I feel like I'm missing out on something.  This one is super cute.

Lily and I just found the Owl Li'l Tweet Sew-it-Yourself Kit at Target and she's going to mail them to her friends, just for a hoot....

They would also make great invites too


These are just a few of the adorable prints from The Love Shop on Etsy...

This woman, JJ does prints a 3 different sizes, all with the LOVE Theme.  Go to her store and check them out/buy them...   They really make me smile.

JJ says that each print is created with "dollops of love".  How cute is that?


This is a really cute stationary and craft site called  Erin Vale Design.  Download these free printable"Freakin To Do List" & "Blog Topics List".  She has all sorts of other adorable ideas worth checking out...

It blows my mind how many talented women are out there, doing things that you couldn't imagine.....


She's so fabulous......

The first time I walked into the Viceroy in Santa Monica,  I knew this was one of the most talented and inventive designs I'd seen in my life.  Michael dropped me and the girls of at the porte cochere and said "get ready".  An hour later we came out with our mouths wide open...

That was four years ago and since then, Kelly Wearstler has made more of an impact on the world of design, than any other contemporary designer in the last 20 years.

It's a great story...  Her LA design firm KWID ( Kelly Wearstler Inter Design) was hired by Kor Hotel Group to design their first hotel project.  That relationship ended up turning into a love affair and marraige to the owner of the firm,  Nick Clayton. Now Kelly and Nick have two kids and hotels all over the world.  She starred on the Bravo TV Show, Top Design a continues to create some of the most amazing interiors out there.

last year she did the BG Restaurant at the top of Bergdorf's in NYC and it was probably her  most critically acclaimed installation.  

Oh, by the way... She is beautiful, smart, funny, stylish and opitamizes everything that is Dreemie to me!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Dawnalog...

Well, it's been just over a month since I launched The Dreemie Blog and began the amazing journey into the world of blogging....

I have to be honest, I wasn't sure how it would all go.  I wasn't sure if I'd like using this blog as a creative outlet and more importantly, I wasn't sure if anybody really cared about what I had to say.  

That being said, The Dreemie blog is here to stay and could not be more thrilled...  We have had thousands of readers from all over the world....  Israel, Austria, Egypt...  India, Switzerland and Thailand.  We've received so many emails and such great feedback, that I guess The Dreemie Blog, has proven itself to be worthy of the Blogisphere.

Just so you all know, my goal is continue to build the readership and create a forum where women that share the same interest as I (Style.Food.Art.Fun.Travel.Dreams) can exchange stories, ideas, experiences and dreams, that will add value to our everyday life...

I will be calling on many of you to participate in The Dreemie Blog and will start adding Guest Dreemie Bloggers.  These will be Woman with knowledge and talent in a specific field, that feel they have a meaningful contribution to this forum of beautiful and mature women of substance.

Very soon, we'll begin advertising and offering an array of products for sale.  I hope you all will enjoy these offerings and patronize the venue.   

Thank you again, for being Dreemie... Please keep reading and share this blog with others who want to Dream along with us.

Dawna Marie