Sunday, September 13, 2009

In her room....

My Lily had three of her girlfriends for a sleep-over this weekend and they all flipped over her room. It made me think how amazing she is.... Her room is such a perfect reflection of her personality, her style and artistic soul.

Michael and I always say how Lily has the better taste than anyone we know. She is so incredibly particular about the every little detail and will never make a decision until she's explored every option.

She is always one to take on a project and I know that came from my Mom. I may have suggestions on this or that, but the final word always comes down to her, in her room.

When I think of sweet Lily and the way her room has bloomed, I can't help but hear the song, "In my Room", by the Beach Boys (now playing).

This is Lily's mannequin that she is obsessed with... It holds a very prominent place in the corner. The outfits and accessories can change from day to day and they always seem to speak from her fashion perspective.

She has developed this funny little fascination for owls. You'll see an ongoing them of them throughout. The tissue box here is part of a collection of decoupage that she's been doing for a year or so now.

This is a piece of art that Lily and my Mom did for her room. The entire thing is hand done with vintage papers that she cut out and mounted on a board. She is so proud of this creation... Almost as much as we are of her for making it.

Lily bought this ceramic owl at Urban Outfitters with her $. It serves as a sort of guardian owl, looking over her at night. My Mom helped her take a branch from the yard, they painted it gold and glittered it. The flowers are oragami that she did from a kit we got her from Michael's.

This is the view from Lily's bed, as she lies down and looks up to ceiling. The big pom poms, she made herself, of course. Whenever I lie down with her, I feel like I'm in a dream, fantasy.

There are all sorts of collections that she has, but these Harajuku perfume bottles are the latest one.

This shelf and dresser were a couple of rummage sale finds that we refinished to her exact color and specifications. Both mid-century pieces really make her room.

Thanks Lily, for letting me intrude and share your magic with everyone. I love you...

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