Sunday, August 16, 2009

Off to Camp...

How is this for a Dreemie Camp... Lily just got back from this amazing island summer camp on Vashon Island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My girlfriend Michelle who lives in Seattle area, invited her to come and spend a week here with her daughter, Georgia. They had to take a ferry over to the island, no parents, just their bags and a box of Twinkies. Pretty adventurous for a couple of 11 year olds.

They ended up having the time of their lives...

This was actually Lily's second summer camp this year so she has become quite the Little Happy Camper. You can't imagine how prepared she was for each of them.

These are photos of homemade Camp Stationary, pre-addressed to all the appropriate loved ones, no two alike.

I guess I may have gone a little overboard as well with these Camp Care Packages sent to them up at her first trip to Adventure Mountain - Big Bear, CA.

A really great summer her and memories for a lifetime. Here she is below with her favorite Camp Counselor Hummingbird.

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