Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Camper...

This is one of our favorite weekend getaways, El Capitan Canyon Ranch Resort. We've been a half a dozen times now and love it.

It's a pretty easy 3 1/2 drive from Newport, as long as the weekend traffic doesn't get you, but when you arrive, you could be anywhere in the world. It's kind of like five star camping and certainly the way I prefer it. They call it an eco-resort in that it is all very crunchy... Part campground, part yoga retreat, part spa. It is nestled in the canyon above El Capitan State Park in Goleta, north of Santa Barbara.

We've gone with just the two of us, the whole family and even with other families and it's always a great time.

The Creek Side Cabins tend to be our accommodation of choice. The all come with cozy queen beds beds, feather comforters, bathroom with shower, even a little fridge, microwave and coffee maker.

There is a little loft above where the kids can sleep comfortably and each cabin comes equipped with it's own fire pit, pic nic table and camp chairs. All the Creek Side Cabins run along El Capitan Creek that runs up the canyon... It could not be more picturesque.

You're pretty much fully self contained once you arrive, although we usually stop and load up with lot's of food and drinks in Santa Barbara. There is a little General Store at the entrance that sells really good health type food and other essentials like the smoore kits for four.

They also rent beach cruiser that you ride down to the water. The cruise along the beach side trail to Refugio Beach is about as scenic as you could imagine

Although this place is not all that cheap, starting at about $150 a night in the season, it is worth whatever it costs. I would take a stay here over the Bacara Resort down the road, anytime... well, I might have to rethink that one.

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