Saturday, May 30, 2009


You know me and the girls fancy ourselves quite the Project Mavens, thanks to my Mom, so this little project could keep us all of pretty busy this summer...

Little bits of decorative paper, bakers twine and a some glue go a long way for these adorable garlands.  They can be made in any length or size you want.  

I found this from a girl in The Netherlands...  She has a super cute blog called pickles, with all sorts of fun little projects like this.

Lily wants to do them as decoration for her girly party in June, Kenzie wants them for her room, but in a larger version and I...  I just want to make the damn things cuz they are so freaking cute...  

This is the kind of project you do at the kitchen table, everyone works together and it may take a day, a weekend or more, but you're chit chatting and gossiping and laughing the whole time.  

Keep an eye out for our versions....

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