Sunday, September 6, 2009

Surprise, Surprise...

Every year, as summer comes to a close, we have Lily's birthday and it always seems like a fitting way to wrap up the season. This year it was pretty quiet, just a family gathering, a little Disneyland and Lily's favorite pasta dinner. That is, until I got a call from Lily's sweet little friend Sofie, saying that she was planning a surprise party.

Who doesn't like a surprise party anyway? Well, it was first for her and a so darn cute I could die.

Sofie (pictured here at the far right), planned the whole thing by herself (with a little help from her mom and sister... Thanks again Tanya), from the handmade and hand delivered invites, to the decorations, food, activities and sleep-over.

Lily was thrilled and her little friends were all so happy they pulled off the surprise, without a hitch.

All the food, including this amazing cake, came from Haute Cakes Caffe... I think Sofie knows someone there. They did make-your-own-pizzas, fruit salad, delicious ceasar and cake, of course.

The whole party was just perfect and I know Lily will never forget it.

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