Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is probably the most beautiful linen store in the country....  Bliss Linens in Corona del Mar is really in a class by itself.  The Southern Girl who owns Bliss is Ohara and her taste is impeccable.  I'm not just saying that because she started carrying my Shell Crown's, either.  

I just started selling to them a week ago and they've already sold a bunch of crowns and several of my succulent arrangements.  It's pretty crazy that there are still people in the world that will drop $2000 bucks for a set of sheets or $300 for a silly Shell Crown.


  1. Dawna...Gorgeous shop. I am so impressed with your creativity and congrats on the shell crown business. The most rewarding feeling is getting paid for something you love to do and especially for art that you created by hand! The blog is so much fun to follow...what a great break from work.

  2. Tammy K,

    Thank you for your sweet comments... I agree, Bliss is amazing and it is really a thrill to be working with them.

    Thanks again for following and commenting, I love hearing from you.

  3. If you think Bliss Linens is something, you obviously have never visited Between The Sheets at Fashion Island. Nothing even comes close to them.