Saturday, May 30, 2009


My friend Michelle and her Family, came down to Newport from Seattle over the Easter Break. Don't ask me how she found it, but they rented this adorable Mid-Century Beach Cottage.  It's located one block off the beach on The Balboa Peninsula.  The entire cottage was done in flea market and garage sale finds, redone or re-upholstered in super cute colors that were bright and fun.  

I was blown away at how well thought out this interior was.  It really inspired me to add color and kitchy details to our house.  I get so damn tired of beige's and browns, neutral this, muted that....

Michelle and I went through the whole place, looking for labels and tags on everything.  The woman who did the decor, bought a lot of the accessories at places like Anthropology and American Rag et Cie, so it wasn't entirely second hand stuff.  

What I really liked is that there were no rules used.  No specific color palette or theme, just art and finds that make you smile....

You can rent this place on, but I'm sure it's booked for this Summer. 

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