Saturday, May 30, 2009


This one's a Killer...  I know I seem to blog about tacos a lot, but this place is a must hit, next time your close to 3rd. & Fairfax in LA.  It's Loteria!  That means Lottery in Spanish and the first time Michael took me here, that's exactly how I felt.  Like I hit the lottery, Big Time.  

The real Loteria is actually a Mexican card game, but the  Loteria Grill is located right in the middle of The Original Farmer's Market LA.  They have a newer location that's more of true restaurant in Hollywood, but I have no desire to go to that one.

The whole concept is tacos made with all different kinds of stewed dishes.  Meats and unusual Veggie concoctions that have been stewed for hours.  They make fresh little tortillas on site, wrap these tasty combinations up and hand them over the counter, while you impatiently wait on your stool.  

The owner, Jimmy (yes, he is Mexican), tells us that this is the traditional way to serve tacos and the way they've been doing for for a 100 years at the taqueria's in mainland Mexico.  He claims that eating tacos this way is almost more of social tradition than just a meal.  Kind of like the way you eat sushi...  Instead of the sushi chef preparing your food, just the way you like it, it's The Taquero (taco chef) who's doing it here.

 The Veggie Tacos are done with Fresh Cactus Salad, Zucchini and roasted Corn Succotash, Potatoes with Pablano Peppers.  I know, sounds a little strange, but it all comes together and is  Muy Bueno.....

Our other favorites are the Chicken with Spicy Pumpkin Seed and Peanut Sauce and the Albondigas (mexican meat ball) tacos.  Mexican Meatball Tacos?  Uh, yah...  "I'l take 9 please."

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