Saturday, May 30, 2009


OK, the first time Michael brought home Zankou Chicken, I thought I died and went to heaven...  This is probably the most succulent and flavorful chicken the world has ever known.  It's a Lebanese fast food chain that started in LA back in the 70's and has gone on to become an institution with over 50 stores.

When you order their chicken Dinner, it comes with fresh baked pita, pickled beats, hummus, wax peppers a green salad and course a whole chicken cooked on their rotisserie.  At about $15, it's enough to feed a family of 5....  Their secret is the killer garlic sauce.  For years people have been trying to figure out how they make it, but recently, a food critic unmasked it as simply pureed garlic, whipped into an emulsified masterpiece.

Here's the weird thing, just a couple of years ago, there was a huge scandal in the family run business....  The owner ended up killing his Mother and Sister who were his partners and then himself, so that his own wife and kids could inherit the business.  The story in almost as juicy as the chicken itself.  Check it out in the Los Angeles Magazine Story, The Zankou Chicken Murders.

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  1. I'm dreaming about this, maybe you could invite me over for dinner the next time you serve this dish!