Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was lucky enough, as young girl, to go to this amazing South Pacific Paradise, Rangiroa, with my Papa....

It's the second largest atoll in the world (sunken volcano), known by sailors, divers and globetrotters, as a destination of a lifetime.  When I went there in the 80's, there was not much more than a couple of grass huts and a bohemian nudists colony on the other side of the sand spit.

Things are a bit different on Rangiroa these days.  The French Polynesian Hotel Kia Ora, has set up an outpost there called Kia Ora Suavage.  The little grass huts are much more upscale with over water bungalows that are more like a Five Star version of Robinson Crusoe's digs.

It's my dream to go back there some day with Michael and the kids....  Hopefully someday soon, but not soon enough.

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  1. Great memories, hope you can go again and take your girls.......xoxoxo