Monday, April 27, 2009


Ok Dreemies...  This is a new weekly post that I'm calling DREEMIe Dads.  I want to post a new DREAMIe Dad every week and need to get you Dreemies to send your own photo of the  dreamy dad candidate of the week.  Send it in an email to, with a couple of sentences on why he should be the DREEMIe Dad of the week.

For this week, it's Gary Blower (GarDog...).  His wife, Kerry Blower writes:

"Can you say Dreeeemie....  Not only is my husband the hottest, he is the kindest.  He makes me feel so loved and cared for and has a heart of Gold!  Gary is the best Dad to our three wonderful children and truly one of a kind.."



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  1. Kerry is so blessed to have this Dreemie Guy Dad! I've heard many very nice things about him.